Frequently Asked Questions

Kellie Saunders Weddings & Portraits

Style & Quality

What is your style?
The best way to describe my style is to say I am authentic. It means that I love raw emotions and all of the natural elements that unfold on a wedding day. My goal is to give you timeless, unique and elegant wedding photos that no one else will have. That’s what I strive to capture for my clients. I try to avoid photography trends because I want to give you a product that is truly timeless.
How many pictures do we get?
The number of images you receive depends on several factors including the amount of coverage you purchase, the activities on your wedding day of and the number of locations we are using. On average, my 8 hour wedding clients receive between 600-900 images.
Are the photos retouched?
Yes of course. Every image that leaves my studio is retouched. What this includes is color correction to the entire gallery, subtle skin softening and removing minor blemishes from the bride and groom (average blemishes). Higher level retouching such as removing objects, removing or adding people, wrinkle removal, major acne, braces removal, eye glass glare, changing color of objects, slimming and slenderizing, etc. is available for a nominal fee per image.
Do we get the digital files?
Yes, all of my collections include the high-resolution digital images with a print release so you may print where you like.
Can you guarantee the color/quality of a photo if we print it somewhere else (other than you)?
No photographer can guarantee color when a client takes a digital file and prints it on his or her own. Don’t stress though because to be quite honest, most of the time the color will be just fine to the untrained eye. If you have something that is color critical you will need to print through me. I keep my computers calibrated to my professional print lab so I can control and guarantee the color output of what I print. Think of it this way – when you buy paint for your wall – it always looks different on your wall than in the store and it will even look different at different times of the day. What you thought was grey now looks blue in the morning and purple in the evening.
Can you add fancy processing and vintage tones to my images?
Yes definitely. Most of this can be done as I photograph your day with the use of light and overall shooting style. This alone may give you the feel you are looking for. This needs to be discussed at your consultation so we can talk about options, expectations and I can share samples with you.

Day Of

Do you attend the rehearsal?
Typically I do not attend the rehearsal. If you want coverage for this it can be added for an additional fee.
Do you work alone?
I always have an assistant or second photographer with me who is professional, competent and capable.
What if you are sick on my wedding day?
I will still photograph your wedding if I am sick. The truth is I've never missed a wedding due to illness or an emergency but I understand this is a valid concern. It is important to know that I am a professional and have an excellent reputation. I take my job very seriously and there is nothing short of almost dying that would make me miss your wedding. With that said, you should know that in the event I am almost dying I work with a network of highly trained professional photographers who I can call on as back up. This plan is outlined in my contract for service.
Will you help me create a schedule for my wedding day?
Yes of course. About a month prior to your wedding I will reach out with a questionnaire that will allow me to create a day of timeline for you.
How much time do you need to take pictures?
I will take as much time with you as I can get. Your wedding will only happen once, so I really want to spend as much time with you as I can. Ideally – I would like at least 40 minutes to take family formals at your ceremony site and then after that I will need another 45 minutes to one hour to work with you and your bridal party. Please make sure you consider travel and set up time if we are going to multiple locations.
What is a first look?
A first look is when a bride and groom see each other prior to the ceremony. We set it up so it’s still a very special moment. We can do this in a park, hotel lobby, or any location you desire. This is a wonderful thing from photography standpoint because we can take photos before your ceremony and you won’t be rushed or pressured with a tight timeline. There are pro’s and con’s to this and we can talk about this when we meet. I can help you decide if you really need a first look or not – but I never want my clients to feel pressured into a first look. This is a personal decision and I will give you all the information so you can make the best decision for you.
Do you take family formals?
Yes of course. I usually take these at the ceremony site.
Will photograph every table and every guest at our reception?
I try to take as many photographs of as many guests as I can while working your reception room. Usually the only time I can do this is right before dinner is served, as that is when people are seated.
Do you work from a shot list?
No I do not. About a month before your big day we talk about all of the love and wonderful things you are doing on your day so I know what I need to capture. There are standard things I photograph at all weddings, like the cake, reception details, dress, shoes, getting ready, flowers, dancing and so on. I don’t need a list for this because I will automatically photograph these things. Weddings are unpredictable and fantastically beautiful and unexpected things happen all the time. I need creative freedom to discover these things and photograph them.
Do you require a meal at my reception?
It’s always so kind and generous when clients invite my team to dine, and we truly appreciate it, but no it is not required. Now on the flip side - if your venue will not allow my team to bring in outside food or beverage, you must provide a meal for us.
When do you take a break?
My team will take periodic short breaks through the day as needed. Also, if you are not inviting us to dine and your wedding coverage is 8 hours or longer, I require at least a 30 minute break during your meal hour so that I may allow my team to eat a lunch and rehydrate.


When should we book with you?
Most couples book with me about 6-12 months in advance. I recommend booking at least 12-18 months out if you have a May, June, September or October wedding. I cannot guarantee a date until the deposit and contract have been received.
Do you have a time limit?
Most couples only need about 8-10 hours of coverage to fully capture their day. If you need more time – no problem, you can always extend coverage. You will often need more than 8 hours if you add a first look into your day. Most Jewish ceremonies will require extended coverage for a first look, ketubah signing and portraits before the ceremony.
Will you match another photographers price?
No unfortunately I cannot price match. I assure you that for my style, level of technical skill, experience, turnaround time, etc. – my pricing is more than fair.
When do you shoot engagement sessions?
Because I’m photographing weddings almost every weekend, I am only available for engagement sessions on weekdays (excluding Fridays).
What is your cancellation policy?
I’d be very sad to hear that you will no longer need my services – whatever the reason. The retainer you pay is to secure your date and I make myself only available to you for that whole day. If I can rebook your date I will refund your deposit in its entirety. But, if the date is not re-booked, then I cannot refund your deposit.
What if we pay more than the retainer and we cancel – can we get that money back?
Yes. Only your retainer is non-refundable and only if I can’t rebook your date.
When do we get to see the photos from our wedding?
You will have a gallery delivered to you within 6 weeks of your event.
Do you have a studio?
I have a studio in Birmingham, Michigan. Due to the nature of my business, I am available by appointment.
Do you travel for destination weddings?
I love destination weddings and travel, but we need to check the legalities first. Contact me and we can work out the details together.
What kind of equipment do you use?
I use all professional level Nikon cameras and lenses. My main cameras are the Nikon D4 and D3s.
Are you insured?
Yes I sure am. If your venue needs a copy of my insurance certificate just let me know.