Jan 29, 2018

Michigan Engagement Pictures with Jessica and Antuan taken by Kellie Saunders, a leading Detroit wedding photographer.

I'm going to keep it real here and just tell it like it is. Oh my gosh how much I loved working with Jessica and Antuan! They are a brilliant couple and so perfect for each other. I'm almost lost for words. At the time of this blog post I've actually already photographed their wedding, so I have so much more to say about them as a couple, as I've spent an incredible amount of time with them, but I want to keep this post on point and just regarding their engagement session. It's hard though to keep my excitement in check, because I LOVED their wedding especially Antuan's face as he exchanges vows with his bride.

Okay back to the engagement session. Well, Jessica and Antuan are both dog lovers so of course we had to include their babies in the session. They are also avid health and exercise enthusiasts (cycling is their fave!!!) and both have hearts that light up the room when they are together. They are just good people! They are so easy going and genuine. They are kind, compassionate and loving with one another and with those around them. I had the best time laughing with them and getting to know them and their fun and loving spirit during their engagement session. We worked at their house for the first part of the session so they could include their pooches and then drove to a local park where we finished up. I learned so much about them and couldn't wait for their wedding at the Royal Oak Farmers Market. Love, laughter and light - that's what I think of when I think of this couple. They love hard, they laugh loud and they light up the room when they are together!

This images sums up photos with dogs. It's always fun and best when unscripted. We just go with the flow as that's how life is. Dogs live in the moment and I love capturing it as such.

One of my favorite things about their house was this big old wooden porch swing. I told Jessica and Antuan if they ever find me just sitting there, just ignore me. I may just show up one day. I love, love, love porch swings.

We ended our session at Berg Historical Park in Southfield. It's always fun there!

One of my favorites from the day. We were just playing around with double exposures.

double exposure engagement picture